For us, models are an invaluable way in which to enhance and inform the business process. Where a complete and true representation of reality may be impossible, we believe that the building and calibration of models is fundamental to approaching observed phenomena in a sound and scientific manner.

Modeling and simulation go hand in hand. While modeling refers to the process of generating a conceptual representation of some phenomenon, simulation captures the practical implementation of a given model - bringing it to life by revealing the dynamic behavioral aspects underpinning the theory. Simulation is particularly useful for stress testing, scenario analysis or forecasting those cases where real-world processes may be represented by models.

At Mirai, we help you from the very beginning to the very end: firstly by defining and analyzing the data requirements needed to support your business through to building the appropriate modeling and simulation framework, as well as critically interpreting the outcomes. Thus the modeling process necessarily involves our professionals working closely with business stakeholders in order to expand your potential.

Our data scientists have extensive experience in data modeling in a diverse sense, with more specific expertise in financial and catastrophe modeling. We strive to clearly understand the business problem at hand while keeping the big picture in mind, and then make use of the technology which best suits your needs to deliver high-end analytical solutions. We are fully committed to bringing leading-edge technological advancements to your doorstep.