R Expertise

R Shiny has become overwhelmingly popular and widespread in the R community. Shiny web applications provide companies and individuals with an excellent way of demoing and showcasing data analytics and visualizations. They are unrivaled for interactive R-based projects in general, and have found their way into production environments of many large corporates.

Mirai has a lot of experience in designing Shiny web apps, dealing with important aspects and trade-offs around modularization, customization, flexibility, transparency, testability, maintainability etc. We have also successfully incorporated various strategies regarding development, (continuous) integration and deployment.

We host a small gallery on our website, where you can see a live example:


SmaRP (Smart Retirement Planning) is an open source R Shiny web app designed to guide people working in Switzerland towards a strategic decision-making process for their retirement. From its Github repository you can not only find the source code of the app itself, but also various resources related to the integration and deployment of the live app.

Mirai is also proud of partnering with Oasis LMF in the development of the Shiny UI for the OASIS Platform, a rich front-end to Oasis’ open source catastrophe modeling platform.