Software Development

At Mirai we are committed to deliver high quality software for our clients. We build customized and fully integrated end-to-end solutions covering all layers — from data acquisition to user interaction. We know what it means to work in challenging corporate IT environments and to meet regulatory demands. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced engineers and consultants covers the whole software development lifecycle: requirements engineering, design & architecture, development, testing, maintenance and support.

Software Development at Mirai Solutions

Mirai has a proven track record in designing and developing complex solutions following either waterfall, rapid application development (RAD) and agile (Scrum) software development practices. Working often in environments where business and regulatory requirements are not fully known in advance or are changing rapidly, we have come to appreciate the process of building software incrementally — be that in terms of a series of prototypes, as in RAD, or in terms of actual product increments, as in Scrum.