Workshop: Need to be fast, flexible, responsive

Not Agile yet? Experience being part of a scrum team

Are you suffering from slow and heavy processes? Is your software development is like a cost center?

Do you need to become fast, flexible & responsive? Do you have to adapt quickly and be in phase with your customers?

Discover how Agile Development has overcome the traditional waterfall model and why has it already been massively adopted!

Need to be fast, flexible, responsive

What you will do

  • Be actively part of a scrum team
  • Engage for an hands-on development following an Agile approach
  • Write a user story
  • Participate to a refinement meeting
  • Help to prioritize
  • Be part of a sprint planning
  • Take part of a retrospective

Yes, this workshop does not require any programming background.

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CHF 189

  • 08/12/2020 14:00 - 17:30
  • Register by the 03/12/2020
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  • You want to introduce an Agile approach in your own team.
  • You need some coaching for your company’s transition to scrum.
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