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XLConnect 0.2-12

Research software impact

We are pleased to announce the release of XLConnect 0.2‑12, now available from CRAN and from our GitHub repository.

This release is comprised of the following:

  • Moved to Apache POI 3.15-beta1
  • Upgraded to Apache Commons Codec 1.10
  • Upgraded XLConnectJars dependency to version 0.2-12
  • Fixed an issue with formula cell evaluation
  • New feature: ability to read password protected files
  • Add additional imports to NAMESPACE as future versions of R will only have the base package attached when performing ‘R CMD check’
  • Fixed GitHub issue #52: useCachedValues=TRUE shows formulas instead of values
  • Fixed GitHub issue #49: if region has only 2 columns then can’t set first column as rownames (thanks to EldarAgalarov and Deleetdk)
  • Fixed GitHub issue #53: 1904 date system in mixed columns (thanks to waternova)
  • Added ability to skip end rows and columns on import from worksheet (#29; thanks to psychemedia for the feature request)
  • Fixed an issue with writeNamedRegion where named regions for 0-row data.frames have been defined with an extended empty row

XLConnect is a comprehensive and cross-platform R package for manipulating Microsoft Excel files from within R. XLConnect differs from other related R packages in that it is completely cross-platform and as such runs under Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac (32- and 64-bit). Moreover, it does not require any installation of Microsoft Excel or any other special drivers to be able to read & write Excel files. The only requirement is a recent version of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Please log any enhancement requests or bug reports with a simple and self-contained reproducible example on our GitHub repository.