Agglomerative clustering methods comparison»

Comparing clustering methods manually can be tricky and cumbersome. We propose an automated method that would output the number of correctly clustered entries.

The End of our Q4 2021 workshop series»

After three workshops series done in Q4 2021 our teaching has reached its conclusion for this year.

A 2nd look at vaccination breakthroughs in Switzerland»

Our Covid19 app provides a global view of the pandemic, but how effective is the vaccination in Switzerland?

Introduction to Apache Drill»

Here we are with a new tool for data processing. This time it’s Apache Drill.

'Bring a Shiny App to production' early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 24/11/2021.

Introduction to the Nix ecosystem»

A simple overview of a new DevOps superpower.

'Advanced Shiny Development' early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 17/11/2021.

Deep Learning with Actuarial Applications»

Extensive materials now published on GitHub!

'Make a Shiny App sparkle' early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 10/11/2021.

'Bring a Shiny App to production' the hands-on workshop»

Learn how to control your R Shiny development with a collaborative and agile deployment to production.

'Build your first Shiny App' early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 03/11/2021.

Becoming an R developer - early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 27/10/2021.

'Advanced Shiny Development' the hands-on workshop»

Best practices for a robust and maintainable shiny app.

A closer look at vaccination breakthroughs in Switzerland»

Our Covid19 app provides global view of the pandemic, but how effective is the vaccination in Switzerland?

'Data analysis with tidyverse' early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 20/10/2021.

Learn to 'Make a Shiny App sparkle' with us»

Find out how to customize a shiny app and make it more accessible to users with our workshop on 17/11.

Think like a programmeR: the workshop»

Make the transition from R User to R Developer with us on November 3rd!

'R basics - objects, functions and operations' early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 13/10/2021.

'Build your first Shiny App' with us»

Learn how to develop from scratch an interactive web interface in R shiny on November 10th.

'Data analysis with tidyverse' workshop»

Become professional at data analysis with tidyverse in R on October 27th!

OASIS UI technical updates»

Mirai Solutions stays engaged in the development and maintenance of the front-end of the OASIS LMF (Loss Modeling Framework) platform.

'R basics - objects, functions and operations' workshop»

Take the first R steps and enhance your data science toolkit with us on October 20th!

Terraforming Azure Databricks - Part II»

Last time we tried to transform Azure with the power of Terraform. Let’s pick up where we left off.

Learning Path: Shiny»

Enhance your data science toolkit with our “Shiny” learning path: build your first shiny app, make it shine and robust, and bring it to production.

Learning Path: Introduction to R»

Enhance your data science toolkit with our “Introduction to R” learning path: from the basis of the syntax, to operations and functions, for solid programming foundations.

'Git & GitHub (for the R User)' early-bird ending soon»

Don’t miss the chance to attend our workshop at the early-bird price: only until 22/09/2021.

Terraforming Azure Databricks - Part I»

Last few weeks we were busy trying to make Azure habitable using Terraform. Let’s see if we were able to plant anything.

Climate Change and Record Floods»

Oasis conference 2021 back to hybrid mode at the SwissRe center.

R user or R Developer? The survey results»

We asked this question to the Community and are now ready to present the results.

New Oasis video and latest UI updates»

An overview of the latest in the OASIS LMF (Loss Modeling Framework) platform and a new video in our gallery.

Mastering Git and GitHub: the hands-on workshop»

Learn the basis of version control via an hands-on 3-hours workshop using command line, R, RStudio or a web browser.

New Workshops Series Kick-off»

We are happy to announce our third series of workshops, to take place in the fall of 2021.

Impressions from useR! 2021»

The useR! conference took place as a global online conference and we are eager to share some impressions.

We are e-going to useR!2021»

Check out Mirai’s contributions to useR!2021.

R user or R Developer? Your opinion matters.»

What makes one an R Developer and how does it differ from being an R User?

Techguides Update: Shiny CI/CD in Actions!»

GitHub Actions has been maturing as a CI / CD tool, therefore we updated our techguides to focus more on it.

Reports from IDSC2021»

Insurance Data Science Conference returned again for the third year.

R user or R Developer? Panel Discussion at useR!2021»

R User or R Developer? Attend our Panel Discussion at useR!2021 on Tuesday July 6th at 4 pm UTC (agenda).

Exciting upcoming workshops ahead!»

After the success of the past series, new workshops are planned for the upcoming months!

Scrum Meetings: time wasted or gained?»

Scrum identifies four ceremonies, but is it more or less than the usual time spent in meetings?

Managing Technical Debt in Agile Projects»

Technical debt piling up to a not maintainable project is any software development team nightmare.

Agile for AI and Data Science»

The challenges brought by digitalization and a fast-pacing market call for an agile approach to product/software development and organization structure.

Mirai Website 2.0»

Get to know more about Mirai with the many novelties on our website.

Mirai at IDS2021»

Do not miss our presentation “Agile, the right answer for the ‘next normal’ in the insurance sector” at IDS2021.

Learning Shiny: the end-to-end workshop series»

After four hands-on workshops our journey has reached its conclusion.

Workshop 31.03.21: 'Bring a Shiny App to Production'»

A 3 hours, hands-on workshop about safe, agile and automated deployment of a Shiny App.

Mirai Covid-19 App is one year old»

A year of Shiny development to continuously catch-up with the worldwide epidemic Covid-19.

A robust Shiny App up to Production»

A combo of 2 workshops to learn from professionals the best practices to build a Shiny App and bring it to Production.

A visit at WiDS Zurich 2021»

Once again Mirai was thrilled to attend the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Zurich .

New on Techguides: manage dependencies with renv»

Concepts like reproducibility, integrity and collaborative development are a “must” for using R in production.

XLConnect on Mirai Techguides»

New XLConnect technical chapter in our open-source techguides.

Spring Cleaning Tips - Make proper Shiny development»

How to apply the spring cleaning principles and advanced programming to your Shiny App.

Afterthoughts of e-Rum2020 in The R Journal»

The conference scene has been revolutionized since e-Rum2020 took place, almost a year ago.

Spoil your users with an outstanding Shiny UI»

Value the users of your Shiny App: Do not overlook the power of a professional UI.

IDS Conference is back!»

Mirai Solutions, together with Swiss Re Institute, is sponsoring the online Insurance Data Science Conference next 16 - 18 June 2021.

R Shiny makes your data alive»

Let R Shiny do the storytelling job for you and add fantastic interactive interfaces for your R analysis.

rTRNG and valgrind: Docker & Actions to the Rescue»

We are happy to announce rTRNG 4.23.1-1, and share its journey with valgrind, Docker and GitHub Actions.

Upcoming Workshops Series March 2021»

Finally new dates! Take a visit to our upcoming workshops offer on the very exciting R Shiny topic!

New Risk Metrics Shiny application released»

Mirai Risk Metrics (MiRiM) is a Shiny app based on the Risk Metrics methodology and intended to analyze and visualize commodity data.

Closing successfully our first workshop series»

Many thanks to all who participated to make our first workshop series a success!

Upcoming workshop: Introduction to Agile»

Last but not least, the workshop ‘Not Agile yet? Experience being part of a scrum team’ will bring to close Mirai first series of workshop in Data Science!

Reschedule 'Sparkling Shiny App' Workshop»

IMPORTANT! ‘Sparkling Shiny App’ Workshop now on the 9th of December.

Upcoming workshop: Shiny App to Prod»

Mirai is thrilled to announce that one of his cherished workshop Bring your Shiny App to Production will be given on December 1st!

Upcoming workshop: Sparkling Shiny App»

Mirai’s workshop series continues. Next in the pipeline is Sparkling Shiny App on 24th November.

Upcoming workshop: My 1st Shiny App»

Learn how to empower your data through a Shiny interface at Mirai’s new workshop My 1ST Shiny App on 17th November.

Upcoming workshop: Think like a programmeR»

Learn how to program like a professional: boost your R skills and get set on the path to best coding practices at Mirai’s workshop Think like a programmeR.

Upcoming workshop: From Excel to R»

Discover how to use R to break free from Excel’s limitations at Mirai’s From Excel to R workshop.

Workshops Series Nov/Dec 2020 Online»

IMPORTANT! Given the COVID-19 current situation in Switzerland, we felt obligated to limit our workshops series offer to solely online and so to give up on the workshops in person in Zurich .

Upcoming Workshops Series Nov/Dec 2020»

Save the dates! Check out our upcoming workshops on some of our favorite topics: R, R-Shiny, DevOps and Agility!

Mirai's Workshop at e-Rum2020»

We are happy to share our virtual workshop experience at e-Rum 2020, including materials and recordings.

Impressions from e-Rum2020»

e-Rum2020 conference connects many hundreds of R enthusiasts in virtual space!

Apache Arrow Flight at first glance»

In this post we will try to get a quick overview of the new Apache Arrow Flight framework functionality.

CovidR: e-Rum2020 contest»

2020 European R Users Meeting (eRum2020) has launched CovidR, an open-source contest and pre-conference event, for R work around the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic.

XLConnect 1.0.1»

XLConnect 1.0.1 now available from CRAN and from our GitHub repository.
CRAN_Status_Badge Research software impact Rdoc

COVID-19 Resource Gallery»

We have gathered interesting COVID-19 resources and made them easily accessible within a single gallery website.

Covid19 - Shiny App for Understanding Coronavirus Spreading»

Gain insight about the current COVID-19 pandemic with R and Shiny.

MiraiLabs - workshop postponed»

IMPORTANT! Due to COVID-19 spreading our workshop “Sharing your data science work: Transform your R code into an API with plumber” is postponed to October.

MiraiLabs - Announcing workshop in March 2020»

The second edition of the MiraiLabs series will take place on March 24th. Save the date!

2020 Mirai Winter event at Windwerk»

For the 2020 Winter event, Miraiers decided to lighten their heads by practicing some flying at Windwerk in Winterthur!

techguides - Technical Guidelines and Best Practices»

We are happy to announce techguides, an open-source home for collecting technical guidelines.

Python package showcasing Secret Santa»

We are pleased to announce the initial public release of our Python tutorial package showcasing a basic Secret Santa application. Check it out on GitHub!

Miranners at Winti SOLA 2019 Relay»

To make up for missing the SOLA this year, Miranners instead participated on September 28th in the smaller version taking place around Winterthur!

MiraiLabs - From Prototype to Production»

The first MiraiLab, “From Prototype to Production” took place on Tuesday, September 24th, at Impact Hub, Colab.

4th European Conference on AI in Finance and Industry»

The conference took place in early September at ZHAW in Winterthur.

Agile Series: Scrum in Practice Workshop»

It is always easier to understand the benefits of an agile approach once you try it out yourself.

Agile Series: Agile Frameworks»

Following up on our agile series, we are happy to share an overview of the most common agile frameworks.

EuroPython 2019 in Basel»

The EuroPython 2019 conference came to Basel, Switzerland this summer! Check out our summary of this lovely event.

Impressions from useR! 2019»

This year, the greater R community gathering useR! took place in sunny Toulouse in July, bringing together over 1000 practitioners from both academia and industry.

eRum2020 in Milan»

The European R conference will visit Milan in 2020! Mirai Solutions is delighted to actively support and participate in the organization of the event.

MiraiLabs - Data Science Workshops»

We are really excited to announce our latest initiative, MiraiLabs, a series of workshops for professionals who would like to strengthen their data science skill set.

Mirai Solutions 10 Years!»

It’s time to celebrate, Mirai has turned 10 years old!

compareWith: Easy diff and merge in RStudio»

We are happy to announce the R package compareWith, providing user-friendly RStudio addins that simplify diff and merge tasks.

Agile Series: Common Mistakes when Writing User Stories in Scrum Projects»

As supporters of the agile approach and mindset we are happy to share some of our insight as Scrum practitioners.

Insurance Data Science 2019 at ETH Zurich»

The Insurance Data Science Conference 2019 took place on June 14th at ETH Zurich and Mirai Solutions was ready to contribute with a sponsorship and two talks.

Oasis Conference Zurich 2019»

Oasis Loss Modeling Framework has been building an active community, which seeks to unlock and revolutionize the world of CAT modeling.

Ready for the Insurance Data Science 2019»

Excitement is building up for the second edition (7th overall) of the Insurance Data Science (former R in Insurance)!

rTRNG: Advanced Parallel RNG in R»

Following on the recent CRAN release of rTRNG, it’s time to show its features and usage more in detail.

rTRNG on CRAN now!»

After dwelling happily on our GitHub repositories for an extended period of time, rTRNG has now finally made it to CRAN.

Insurance Data Science Approaching»

Mirai presenting TensorFlow Probability and Solvency Contagion Modeling at Insurance Data Science 2019 in Zurich.

WiDS Zurich 2019»

With one foot in the organization and another in the audience, Mirai was in a great position to fully appreciate and enjoy the Women in Data Science Zurich 2019 event.

Mirai at MilanoR»

Introducing SmaRP: Smart Retirement Planning to the Milan R community, as an example of how to communicate and visualize your R development.

Winter Event: Full Moon Snowshoe Hiking»

On a crisp Tuesday evening, we set out to Illgau to enjoy a moonlit snowshoe hike.

New training offer live»

We are pleased to announce that our revised training offer is now available on the website.

Women in Data Science Zurich 2019!»

Women in Data Science (WiDS) is taking place in Zurich for the second year in a row!

7th ETH Risk Center Dialogue Event»

Blockchain is a technology growing roots in Zurich, both in industry and academia.

2019 OASIS LMF Conferences»

We are pleased to share that the 2019 OASIS LMF conferences will again take place in Zurich and London, just one week apart in the month of June.

GGC workshop 'introduction to R with tidyverse'»

On Monday December 10th, Mirai provided a free workshop introduction to R with tidyverse, in collaboration with Geek Girls Carrots Switzerland.

Insurance Data Science Conference 2019 announced»

Mirai Solutions is proud to be one of the sponsors for this year’s edition of Insurance Data Science Conference.

Swiss Risk Association Blockchain event»

On Tuesday October 23rd, the event “Blockchain – An Enabler Of Risk Management?” organized by the Swiss Risk Association took place.

2018 OASIS LMF London Conference»

Mirai Solutions was invited to participate to the second 2018 OASIS LMF conference: “The good, the bad and the ugly”

20th Risk Day at the ETH Zurich»

ETH RiskLab organized Risk Day for the 20th time.

3rd conference on AI applied to Industry and Finance»

On September 6th, the 3rd conference on Artificial intelligence applied to Industry and Finance, hosted by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW, took place in the nice city of Winterthur.

Mirai at the Insurance Data Science 2018»

Insurance Data Science was held on 16 July 2018 at Cass Business School in London.

Summer event 2018»

This year’s Mirai summer event involved a brunch and a raft building exercise at the scenic Walensee.


The eRum2018 Conference took place in Budapest on May 14th-16th.

Miranners at SOLA 2018 relay»

On May 5th, Mirai took part in the SOLA relay run in Zurich.

Mirai sponsoring Insurance Data Science 2018»

We are sponsoring again the Insurance Data Science, formerly known as R in Insurance, on 16 July 2018 at Cass Business School in London.

Mirai presenting at eRum2018»

Excited to announce that Mirai will be presenting SmaRP: Smart Retirement Planning at the eRum2018 conference.

WiDS 2018 is in Zurich»

Tuesday March 20th, the Women in Data science conference 2018 took place in Zurich and our Miraier Francesca attended the event.

Mirai Bowling»

Miraiers continue to explore new skills and talents - this time at the bowling hall.

XLConnect 0.2-14»

CRAN_Status_Badge Research software impact Rdoc

We are pleased to announce the release of XLConnect 0.2-14, now available from CRAN and from our GitHub repository.

New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) Trip Data Analysis Using Sparklyr and Google BigQuery»

This post shows how to use Apache Spark and Google BigQuery in R via sparklyr to efficiently analyze a big dataset (NYC yellow taxi trips).

Mirai sponsoring Zurich R User Meetup»

Zurich R User Group organizes the next Zurich R User Meetup in the cool location of Viaduct Impact Hub on January 8.

#R - Deprecate functions with roxygen2»

We show how to use roxygen2 tags and templates for deprecating existing documented functions.

Mirai Curling»

Mirai went Curling!

ETH Risk Center workshop on Autonomous Decision-Making»

ETH Risk Center organized a high-class event located at the impressive Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon.

GPU Technology Conference in Munich»

The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) organized by NVIDIA is one of the most important events around GPU computing for developers, data scientists and decision makers.

EARL 2017»

Between 12th and 14th of September the Enterprise Application of R Language conference EARL took place in London.

Mirai Summer Event 2017»

Miraiers went to the beautiful Appenzell for a hike.

Finance 2.0 - Crypto '17»

On September 14th the Swiss fintech scene gathered at the 3rd Finance 2.0 conference on cryptofinance celebrated in Zurich.

ETH Risk Day 2017»

On Friday 15th September 2017, the traditional ETH Risk Day took place.

useR!2017 in Brussels»

The largest annual R conference attracted to Belgium over a thousand R enthusiasts from across the globe, with a packed week of tutorials, talks, discussions and exchange.


The 4th edition of the popular Swiss Conference on Data Science took place in Berne on June 16th. For those who missed it, here a brief first-hand impression summary.

Artificial Intelligence seminar at the ETH»

Swiss Risk association organized an interesting seminar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the ETH. Prominent speakers from IBM, 4th IR, Leading Edge Forum, Microsoft, and Google presented their views on the latest development of AI and its implications to modern society and business.

Mirai at useR! 2017»

From July 4 to 7 the useR!2017 will take place in Brussels, Belgium. A group of 4 Miraiers is looking forward to what has become THE flagship event of R.

R in Insurance 2017»

On Thursday 8th June the 5th edition of the R in Insurance Conference took place in Paris. Once again we were delighted to attend and support this year’s event.

R/Finance 2017 Conference News»

The R/Finance 2017 conference has been a great opportunity to meet an active community of practitioners and academics using R for applied finance.

XLConnect 0.2-13»

Research software impact

We are pleased to announce the release of XLConnect 0.2‑13, now available from CRAN and from our GitHub repository.

Mirranners at SOLA relay run»

Mirai employees, alumni, and friends participated again at the SOLA relay run in Zurich.

Riccardo presenting at R/Finance 2017»

Mirai will be at the R/Finance 2017 conference in Chicago on May 19 and 20, with a lightning-talk about advanced RNG applied to Monte Carlo credit default simulation.

Mirai SOLA team registered»

Mirai Solutions will again participate with a highly motivated team in the annual SOLA relay run.

Open Data Day Hackathon»

Saturday 4th March 2017 was the Open Data Day and all around the world, events took place to celebrate sharing data.

Snowshoe hiking in Braunwald»

We spent a beautiful winter Saturday in Braunwald hiking on the fresh snow with snowshoes.

One year anniversary of Zurich R User meetup»

A Zurich R User Meetup occurred on 29th of November. For this special occasion - the meetup group turned one year - the topic was how to use R in different professions.

Conferences and Workshops Visited»

Mirai Solutions has been actively participating in various conferences and workshops this autumn. Here are the highlights.

Summer Event 2016»

The traditional Mirai Summer Event took place last week in the heart of Switzerland.

R in Insurance 2016 Conference News»

Mirai Solutions was actively present at the 4th R in Insurance Conference in London, which was a great opportunity to meet both practitioners and academics active in the field.

XLConnect 0.2-12»

Research software impact

We are pleased to announce the release of XLConnect 0.2‑12, now available from CRAN and from our GitHub repository.

Miranners results at 2016 SOLA relay»

Our team of 14 “Miranners” has completed the 116.1 km of the SOLA relay run in a total time of 11:26:08.9.

Riccardo presenting at the 4th R in Insurance Conference»

The programme for the 4th R in Insurance conference is finalized. Mirai Solutions will present latest advancements on how to achieve parallel Monte Carlo simulations that are efficient, flexible and reproducible.

Mirai Solutions sponsoring R in Insurance 2016»

We are happy to announce that Mirai Solutions will be sponsoring the R in Insurance 2016 conference, taking place in London on the 11th of July.

Mirai Solutions participates in SOLA relay run»

The “Miranners” running team will once again participate in the SOLA relay run, continuing a Mirai tradition.

#R - Rmd Post Template»

A sentence to be used as news excerpt. This should be short enough to fit nicely the carousel on the home page.

Post Template»

A sentence to be used as news excerpt. This should be short enough to fit nicely the carousel on the home page.

Hello World»

Hello World!