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Upcoming new dates will be published soon

The 2023 workshop series terminated. We wish to thank all who participated and made it possible.
We are working on our next online workshop series, get in touch at to know when it will happen.
Check out our full set of past series to get inspired and to see our deals!

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Mirai Solutions Workshops

Experiential, agile, dynamic and incremental training approach; our hands-on workshops can be the best way to dig into a technical topic: learn a concept, try it out in a short exercise, acquire a skill.
Participate to a full workshop path to become an advanced developer in few afternoons.
R, R Shiny, SQL, Git, all our workshops address these topics from an agile and practical perspective, with the objective to encourage team collaboration, robust coding, safe production deployment.

If you would like to organize a workshop, or a full path, privately for your team at your convenience, get in touch and request a quote for your company, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes in terms of time, duration and workshop's content.

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