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Summer Event 2016

The traditional Mirai Summer Event took place last week in the heart of Switzerland.

In this occasion, the team from Mirai Solutions visited the scenic Reussdelta. We hiked part of the ‘Weg der Schweiz’ from the petite village of Sisikon to the nice town of Fluelen, alongside the beautiful Lake Lucerne. Martin, as head-organizer, proved himself a skilled Cicero, and pointed out the beauties of Swiss countryside to the many internationals in our team.

Lake Lucerne

After a small break at the Tellskapelle to play the bells, we enjoyed a delicious barbecue, satisfying all tastes, including the fellow ducks who spontaneously joined the party.

Thanks to the sunny weather, we also enjoyed the fresh waters of the lake, and spent the afternoon with games and beach activities.

Picnic at the Reussdelta

Looking forward to more quality-time with colleagues at the next Mirai Event.