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One year anniversary of Zurich R User meetup

A Zurich R User Meetup occurred on 29th of November. For this special occasion - the meetup group turned one year - the topic was how to use R in different professions.

The attendees enjoyed four interesting presentations covering different topics: In the first presentation, Raymond Zychowicz showed how UBS is profiting from R’s versatility in handling different file types, so as to offer a simple but effective tool in the Investment Management area. Claudio Giancaterino demonstrated an example of how R can be used to calculate car insurance premiums.
Lastly, CelsiusPro presented one of their products, a nice Shiny Application to visualize weather, integrating with a MongoDB database. From our side, Mirai Solutions was represented by Gabriel Foix, who spoke about corporate usage of R in environments where aspects like traceability, testability, auditability and scalability are vital, and how the R world is providing tools to aid with these concerns. You can find the slides here.

Gabriel presenting

As usual, after the presentations, there was an apero where R users could chat together in a relaxed atmosphere. Mirai Solutions would like to thank the organizers and is looking forward to the next meetup.