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Open Data Day Hackathon

Saturday 4th March 2017 was the Open Data Day and all around the world, events took place to celebrate sharing data.

In Zürich, Open Data Zurich, VBZ, the Master Program in Biostatistics UZH, and the Zürich R Meetup Group organized a “Hackathon”, a day dedicated to learn, discover, and share data hacks.

For the event, VBZ provided transport delays and passengers count data, which could be combined with any other open data available. The idea was to use open source software, such as R, to analyze the data and communicate the results.

Mirai’s Francesca was happy to meet there with so many enthusiastic members of the open data community, and discover how many useful insights can be extracted from the same data in just a few hours. If you are interested in what they came up with, check out the page of the event

Hackathon Zurich map