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Mirai at useR! 2017

From July 4 to 7 the useR!2017 will take place in Brussels, Belgium. A group of 4 Miraiers is looking forward to what has become THE flagship event of R.

Following a number of interesting topics on ‘tutorial Tuesday’, there will be a full-packed 3-day series of 6 parallel sessions with a total of over 200 talks. After a couple of presentations on applied topics, Riccardo Porreca will finally present our rTRNG package itself, demonstrating three different usages on a more technical level.

Special attention goes to the plenary keynotes and some promising talks by the people from RStudio, Microsoft and OpenAnalytics (not just because they are platinum sponsors!). Other than that, we’re also keen to hear what people from the R Foundation and the wider community have to say and are hoping to have many interesting discussions.

Atomium in Brussels