ETH Risk Center workshop on Autonomous Decision-Making

ETH Risk Center organized a high-class event located at the impressive Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon.

The invited speakers gave a broad overview on what AI is currently capable of doing and what are the implications of AI to our everyday life. In particular, ETH Professor Thomas Hofmann gave a high-level and intriguing introduction to AI. In the following talks a lot of focus was given on the near-future developments and questions raised by it: Does AI take away our jobs? Can AI be taught to be moral? Can we trust or audit decisions made by AI? The seminar ended with an interesting talk given by Prof. Sarah Spiekermann. She is currently developing standards IEEE 7000 for ethical software development. According to her, the focus of all development should be to increase the well-being of humanity.

All the workshop talks are available online.