With one foot in the organization and another in the audience, Mirai was in a great position to fully appreciate and enjoy the Women in Data Science Zurich 2019 event.

Miraiers Stephanie and Roland were among the 220 attendees of WiDS Zurich 2019, a two-day conference taking place at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, which featured female leaders from companies and academia at the forefront of data science research, applications and business.

WiDS Zurich 2019

Women in Data Science Zurich (WiDS), the Zurich local chapter of the Global Women in Data Science movement, aims at inspiring and educating data scientists, regardless of gender, and supports the women in the field.
Featuring 6 keynote speakers, 16 talks, 4 breakout and 16 mentorship sessions, as well as an art exhibition (!), the rich WiDS Zurich 2019 program was an exciting opportunity for learning and self-development.
Moreover, the event provided an excellent platform for networking and exploring career options.

WiDS Zurich 2019 group picture

With 20+ sponsors supporting the event, WiDS Zurich 2019 showed that the Swiss and European markets are interested in the potential held by female data scientists. The appreciation for this type of event was further highlighted through a few side events and the active participation of everyone involved.
We are pleased to have met so many interesting and inspiring people, and look forward to seeing some of you all in the near future!

Miraier Francesca would also like to take this occasion to thank her fellow co-organizers for the great work, the enthusiasm, the commitment, the positive atmosphere and the learning opportunity they provided.

WiDS Zurich 2019 organizing team