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Oasis Conference Zurich 2019

Oasis Loss Modeling Framework has been building an active community, which seeks to unlock and revolutionize the world of CAT modeling.

Oasis LMF, in partnership with the Swiss Re Institute, offered a one-day conference and a half-day workshop around the topic of Oasis driving efficiency, enabling modeling choice for the future.

The Oasis Conference Zurich 2019 gathered over 100 attendees from the (re)insurance world, the CAT modeling industry, and partner companies. The rich program included panel discussions on the challenges of the CAT industry, flood and earthquake perils, as well as open source and interoperability of tools for the industry.

Roland was one of the panelists in the section on Applications for technology in exposure management, talking about the importance of open-source analytics and the goals for the Oasis UI, which Mirai Solutions has been developing in collaboration with Oasis LMF.

Oasis Conference Zurich 2019, open source analytics panel

Slides are available for download here.

Of course climate change and its impact on the current view of risk found its place at the conference too, with an interesting talk by Adam Sobel, Professor at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University), on the impact of climate change on current risk level for Tropical Cyclone North America (TCNA).

The main message brought forward by several speakers and attendees is the need for an open(-source) global collaborative spirit in the industry, along with a call for action towards an increased choice of models and standards for both data inputs and results thereof.

Just one week after Zurich’s conference, the next event follows in London, June 18th-19th: Oasis Conference - The good, the bad and the ugly, where hopefully we will get to know more about #TheWave.