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4th European Conference on AI in Finance and Industry

The conference took place in early September at ZHAW in Winterthur. On behalf of Mirai, Gustavo Martinez and Tobias Baltensperger took the chance to learn all about the AI applications in the financial and industrial sectors.

The conference started off with a great keynote talk by Carlos Härtel about digital transformation in asset-heavy industry. His main message was that in industry, in contrast to the financial sector, digital transformation is not so much about disruption, but rather about evolution. In a context with narrow margins for improvement, Industry 4.0 aims to provide strategies to improve performance and customer outcome in the areas of business optimization, operations optimization, and asset performance management.

The key-note talk was followed by three parallel streams: AI in Finance, AI in industry, and a mixed stream on Big Data and Automation in Finance, and Ethical Questions in AI. All streams featured a number of interesting case studies by practitioners from academia and the private sector. The slides of the presentations can be found online.

We are looking forward to the next edition of the conference!