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Miranners at Winti SOLA 2019 Relay

To make up for missing the SOLA this year, Miranners instead participated on September 28th in the smaller version taking place around Winterthur!

Though much smaller than the Zurich version, the popularity of the Winti SOLA is definitely growing — there was a new record this year with 180 teams participating! Spanning 86km over 12 tracks, Miranners finished in 7:58:49 at rank 140, once more with the support of some Miralumni and friends.

The conditions for running were ideal thanks to the sunny autumn weather and, unlike some other years at the SOLA, every track and their handovers went smooth. Having fallen back into the highest quartile, we are looking forward to participating again and improving our (Winti) SOLA ranking.

After the run, Gustavo organized a Mexican dinner with tacos nearby the Schützenhaus Winterthur. A delicious meal with spicy chilies: even the carrots that they were pickled along burned our mouths!