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We are happy to announce techguides, an open-source home for collecting technical guidelines.

At Mirai, we develop our data science solutions keeping a keen eye on the best practices in the field. We imagine techguides as a dynamic and evolving environment, where to share some of the experience we gain in our daily work, in the hope that it will be educational and useful also to others in the community.

techguides is developed as a bookdown website deployed to GitHub Pages and accessible at The website currently features best practices around roxygen2 tags for R documentation, and how to use Rocker images for containerized version-stable R development.

The project also represents an example of building a bookdown website from a set of heterogeneous R Markdown files with specific supporting elements (e.g. an R package), and featuring the usage of Travis CI for continuous integration and deployment.

Stay tuned for updates and new chapters, and let’s see if we can grow some roots here!