IMPORTANT! Due to COVID-19 spreading our workshop “Sharing your data science work: Transform your R code into an API with plumber” is postponed to October.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is having serious consequences in Switzerland and worldwide. Schools and shops are being shut down while heavy restrictions to movement are put in place, in a joint effort to slow the steadily increasing count of infected people and protect people’s health and lives. Latest news in Switzerland also forbids any events, both public and private, and asks people to refrain from social gathering.

To anyone following the situation, this couldn’t come as a surprise, and so the MiraiLabs Organizing Committee had already started discussing alternative options to guarantee the health and safety of teachers and attendees. As MiraiLabs is intended to be a hands-on workshop series, we believe that physical presence is essential to the success of it, and have therefore decided to postpone the event rather than trying a remote solution such as a webinar.

The event “Sharing your data science work: Transform your R code into an API with plumber”, originally planned for March 24th, will now take place on October 29th. Location (KV Business School Zürich AG, Bildungszentrum Sihlpost), schedule (from 4 p.m. onwards, followed by a networking apero) and topic remain unchanged.

October 29th is quite some time away, so we have decided to cancel the Eventbrite event. We will open a new event one month prior to the new date. People who had already registered will have the chance to secure a spot for the new date in advance. We will keep the meetup event open, so please register there if you are interested in being kept informed. We will send a message to all registered as soon as the Eventbrite event is made available, kindly asking people to confirm their attendance by purchasing a free Eventbrite ticket.

We hope you are meanwhile all doing fine and look forward to seeing you again on October 29th!