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Upcoming workshop: Introduction to Agile

Last but not least, the workshop ‘Not Agile yet? Experience being part of a scrum team’ will bring to close Mirai first series of workshop in Data Science!

How can we talk about software development best practices and modern DevOps without talking about agile development? In fact we can’t! Not agile yet? Don’t wait more to discover the magic* formula to success! agile transformation

Have you heard about the VUCA world? What better example than the crisis we are all going through with this covid 19 pandemic!? Most of us have to adapt, reinvent ourselves - and quickly, to survive. Thinking and acting agile is no longer a choice but a necessity.

At Mirai, we were early adopters, we have been practicing Agile for several years now, accompanying teams and departments in their transformations. We would like to share our experience and know-how with you by offering you an introduction to the agile approach. In this workshop you will learn the concepts on which agile techniques and methods are built and we will try to make you live and feel them since being agile is above all a mindset and an attitude. Join us on the 8th of December.

agile workshop

For an overview of the benefits of transitioning to an agile approach, check out our article and for a deep understanding of the agile trends, dive into the 14th Annual State of Agile Report.

*It might not happen so magically. In reality the agile transformation might become a long and painful journey. But at the end of the road what you will have achieved will be a bit magical and for sure there will be no turning back.