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A robust Shiny App up to Production

A combo of 2 workshops to learn from professionals the best practices to build a Shiny App and bring it to Production.

Wait a second. What do we mean by ‘production’?
Production is the environment where end-users and customers are going to use the Shiny App and where you definitively want to avoid something going wrong.
At this stage, the Shiny App is a product and not a prototype or a sandbox anymore. More than ever you need to make sure that it works as intended and that the the user experience is what you were counting on.

Don’t worry! You do not have to become a software engineer to make this happen: the Shiny community has made a remarkable work to simplify yours. Now let’s be honest, you still get to know best practices around developing and deploying a Shiny App.

CI/CD pipeline

Mirai enthusiast experts have conceived two hands-on workshops to guide you through the best practices in Shiny development and automated CI / CD pipelines. With these workshops you will receive the tools and principles to finally safely deploy a stable, reliable and robust Shiny App.
Enrich your skills with advanced practices in Shiny Development and Shiny-specific Testing strategies, get your first steps in collaborative development, and manage releases including automation.
Note that the workshops are independent and can be selected individually.

Mirai advanced shiny workshops

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