'R basics - objects, functions and operations' workshop

Take the first R steps and enhance your data science toolkit with us on October 20th!

Would you like to discover the basics of R programming and get solid foundations for future learning? Even if you are an absolute beginner, the workshop “R basics - objects, functions and operations” workshop is designed to give you an overview of the basis of the syntax, common functions and basic operations, including how to get help and use packages available on CRAN and GitHub.

R basics - objects, functions and operations workshop

On Wednesday October 20th, at 2 p.m. CEST, this 3-hours hands-on workshop will help you build effectively solid foundations for your R learning, thanks to the expertise of our industry experts, who do use R in a professional way on a daily basis.

Register at this link before 13/10 and benefit from the early bird discount.

Also remember that this workshop is part of the “Introduction to R” learning path. Register for the series at an attractive price!