'Data analysis with tidyverse' workshop

Become professional at data analysis with tidyverse in R on October 27th!

Learn how to extract, manipulate and explore your data with readable, streamlined and professional code using best-practices from the tidyverse universe, such as those included in the dplyr and tidyrpackages. The workshop “Data analysis with tidyverse” is designed to guide you through a simple hands-on data manipulation and analysis while giving you an overview of the tidyverse framework for exploring data, manipulate it and extract meaningful information from it.

Data analysis with tidyverse workshop

On Wednesday October 27th, at 2 p.m. CEST, in this 3-hours hands-on workshop our industry experts, who do use R and tidyverse in a professional way on a daily basis, will guide you through the best techniques for gaining insight from your data and enable decision-making.

Remember to register at this link before 20/10 to benefit from the early bird price!

The workshop is a natural successor of our introductory R workshop:“R basics - objects, functions and operations”, which will take place on October 20th, and provides an helpful background for the final chapter of our “Introduction to R” Learning Path: “Becoming an R developer” (scheduled for November 3rd). Register to the full series for an attractive discount.