Mastering Git and GitHub: the hands-on workshop

On 25/05 learn the basis of version control via a hands-on 3.5-hours workshop using command line, R, RStudio or a web browser.

Have you ever feared to mess up your code, to lose your development or to spend endless time to integrate a collaborator’s work? Then the answer for you is version control.

Git xkcd comic

Git xkcd comic.

Git is a popular, free and open source version control system designed to be very efficient and to support distributed, non-linear workflows. It helps to collaborate, track changes and ease the coordination and communication with others.

Moreover, a remote host for your git-managed project helps:

  • keep a copy safely away from your local machine
  • maintain a copy of your work even if you mess up locally
  • access your work from multiple machines
  • allow others to access your work
  • simplify the integration of multiple people’s work into a common source.

Hosting services like GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab can provide a virtual storing space for git-based projects and an interface for visualizing the material, syncing it, communicate with others and manage the project defining work items in an agile approach.

In the 3.5-hour hands-on workshop “Git & GitHub (for the R User)” planned for May 25th at 14 - 17:30 CEST we will look at the basic commands in git, both using git command line, R, and RStudio. We will learn how to systematically store different versions of the code, recover a past status and safely integrate changes. We will also explore the connection with GitHub, including how to collaborate with others, work with branches, and complete the development up to a release using the GitFlow approach.

Mirai upcoming workshop Git & GitHub (for the R User)

Git & GitHub (for the R User) upcoming workshop

This workshop can be taken stand-alone but it can also be a nice preparation for our R and Shiny development learning paths.

Register now directly on our website.

  • Early bird discount until 13/05.
  • Register more attendees and get an additional discount.

Otherwise contact us if you would like to have a custom workshop tailored to your needs.