Miranners at SOLA 2022

Our Miranners team has made it to the 2022 SOLA relay run!

The SOLA stafette in Zurich has become a tradition at Mirai, with our Miranners team taking part in the event since 2014. After two years of cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all looking forward to the event. As usual, it has been a great gathering opportunity for current Miraiers as well as the ever-enthusiastic Miralumni, with friends always welcome to fill the gaps.

Roland running at the 2022 SOLA relay

Our team of 14 completed a total of 114.35 km in 10:51:19, ranking 737th out of around 1000 teams, positioning the team around the 3rd quartile. Last but not least, we all enjoyed the “15th track”: A nice BBQ where we could relax, spend time together and enjoy the view over Zurich from a garden on the hills.

Miranners at the after-SOLA barbecue