Summer event 2022

The traditional Mirai Summer Event took place in September with Mirai Alumni.

In this occasion, Mirai Solutions team gathered at the Adventure Crazy Golf courts of the Action World in Obfelden. Unfortunately our BBQ plans in the Alps were messed up twice by the uncertain weather around the end of September and we decided to go for our Plan B, which was till quite enjoyable.

This year the Summer event was also a chance to see some of our Mirai Alumni, ex employees we are still in touch with and we are happy to see again at any special occasion.

The crazy golf course was made of 18 Holes, with tricks and and obstacles to dribble and overcome. After a long tour and few lost balls, it was Peter who lead the ranking with one shot less than Guido, while Riccardo experienced a problem in the last hole, but he could solve with a smart solution like always.

Riccardo's best shot

After a thrilling competition, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Steinerhof in Urdorf, tasting some traditional Swiss specialities.

Thanks to all who participated, while a special appreciation for the Alumni who joined and met their old colleagues and the more recent arrivals.

Lunch at Steinerhof

Looking forward to more quality-time at the next Mirai Event.