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Miranners at SOLA 2023

Our Miranners made it once more to the SOLA relay run in 2023!

The SOLA-Stafette in Zurich is a traditional challenge for Mirai, with our Miranners team regularly taking part in the last decade. This time around, we had some difficulties in putting together a team of 14, with many of us undertaking bigger challenges than usual to cover the long tracks.

Guido running at the 2023 SOLA relay

Despite the struggles, there was the usual enthusiasm around the event, which represents a great gathering opportunity for current Miraiers as well as the ever-present Miralumni, with friends helping out to complete the team. The 14 Miranners made it to the end by covering 113 km in 12:16:56, not quite our best performance but still granting a 3rd rank (modulo 1000!).

To keep the motivation high, Gustavo offered once again to take care of the “15th track”: After the race, we reconvened for the usual BBQ, this time accompanied by his home-made paella.

Gustavo preparing paella for the team after the SOLA