Summer event 2023

The traditional Mirai Summer Event took place in September at Klöntalersee.

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Klöntalersee is a gem where you can find peace and enjoy natural beauty. It was an ideal choice for Mirai Solutions to break away from the hustle and bustle of office life and embrace the amazing landscape of Klöntal and its surrounding mountains for a day. The event, held on a sunny Thursday, was a remarkable day of getting together, relaxation, and revitalization in the nature.


Once arrived in Klöntal, the event kicked off with a great barbecue. Colleagues gathered stones and woods to make a grill, working together to prepare sausages, fish, and veggies. The BBQ was also a great way for everyone to team up and have fun.

Klöntalersee BBQ

While grilling, the highlight of the trip took also place, at least for the bravest: a dive into the clear and cold waters of the Klöntalersee. Even in the late summertime, the lake’s waters are pretty chilly, but that didn’t stop anyone from taking the challenge.

After playing some games during the afternoon, it was time to head back home, relaxed, refreshed, and stronger together.

Looking forward to more quality-time at the next Mirai Event.