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2024 Workshops Series Kick-off

We are happy to announce our 6th series of workshops, to take place in April-May 2024.

Between April and May, we are proposing again two learning paths: R & R Shiny.

Visit the current workshop page for all the details.

We focus on bringing our professional expertise to our workshops, sharing the best practices from our applied day-to-day work. We wish to provide a hands-on experience, at Mirai we believe in an experiential, agile and incremental training approach (i.e. learning by doing): i.e. apply what you learned by trying a short exercise and build a small product step by step.

Please note, in this year’s workshop series, we are scheduling dates only for the 2 most advanced workshops of the 2 paths (R & R Shiny), while we leave open the chance to join the more “for beginners” workshops, i.e. on demand. Teams and individuals wishing to follow a full path can request them. With enough attendees, the dates will be scheduled and made public.

The material and organization of our traditional Introduction to R path feature a few relevant updates:

  • as mentioned, the 2nd and 3rd workshops are available on demand
  • the Build an R package, and Becoming an R developer have been updated to reflect the state of the art set-up of renv to handle package dependencies in conjunction with Posit Public Package Manager (PPPM).
Introduction to R

Learning path: Introduction to R

From the basis of the R syntax to data manipulation, writing functions, building an R package and host it on GitHub. For solid programming foundations in R.

  1. R basics - objects, functions and operations (recording freely available)
  2. Data analysis with tidyverse (on demand)
  3. Programming R (on demand)
  4. Build an R package - Tue 23/04/2024
  5. Becoming an R developer - Thu 25/04/2024

The R Shiny path underwent a few technical updates on various chapters as well. The updates integrate feedback we received last year, as we constantly try to improve our material and agendas thanks to your constructive comments!

  • As mentioned, the 1st and 2nd workshops are available on demand
  • the workshop Advanced Shiny Development now focuses exclusively on embedding a Shiny app in an R package using golem framework, with more details and practice
  • the advanced Dynamic UI chapter has been moved to the previous Make an Outstanding Shiny App workshop, to have a more complete look on UI/UX.
  • updates of renv package in conjunction with PPPM affect also the Bring a Shiny App to production workshop
  • new releases of rsconnect implied few changes on the way we deploy to using a renv project.

Full shiny workshop offer

Learning path: Shiny

Learn how to create a dashboard programming in R, share your data insights with an attractive UI, learn about modules, testing and first DevOps practices deploying a Shiny app.

  1. Build your first Shiny App (on demand)
  2. Make an Outstanding Shiny App (on demand)
  3. Advanced Shiny Development - Tue 14/05/2024
  4. Bring a Shiny App to production - Thu 16/05/2024

Our workshops will be held online and can be booked and purchased directly from our website via PayPal (with a PayPal account or with a Credit Card) as single classes or as a set. An invoice can be issued upon request when registering.

Our attractive deals:

  • get a discount registering multiple people (-10% for any additional attendee)
  • get a discount registering to multiple workshops within a path (-40CHF from 2nd workshop)
  • register 10 days in advance to be an early bird.

Note: the recording of the workshop is included, it will be shared with the attendees on our YouTube channel.

See also our workshops’ brochure for an insight on the agendas and prices.

Download brochure

Not finding what you were looking for? Still open questions? Do get in touch! We are happy to reply to any questions you may have, and we are always keen to get feedback and collect ideas for interesting new workshops.

We are looking forward to e-meeting you in our classes!