Workshop: Sparkling Shiny App

Twinkle & upgrade your Shiny application

Have you created your first Shiny App and would you like to bring your skill to the next level?

Do you wish to experiment more with layout & reactivity? Do you need more interactivity with your users? Did your R files grow so much that they became confusing and often cause errors?

Discover how to professionalize your Shiny App!

Sparkling Shiny App

What you will do

  • Package your Shiny App
  • Structure your App in modules
  • Add advanced input
  • Play with conditional panels
  • Communicate with your users
  • Try out dashboard layouts

Yes, if you have been introduced to R and R Shiny – you do not need to know HTML nor JavaScript.

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CHF 189

  • 09/12/2020 14:00 - 17:30
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  • 2nd attendee 40 CHF discount
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  • You want to add functionalities to your own Shiny App.
  • You want to professionalize your team’s Shiny code.

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