Workshop: My 1st Shiny App

Empower your data through Shiny visualization

Do you have interesting data & analyses but no good way to share them?

Would you like your users to interact with a UI and play safely with your data? Do you need a tool to provide an attractive interface, from a prototype to a productive solution, fully customizable, while dealing with complexity and scalability?

Discover how R Shiny can empower your data!

My first Shiny App

What you will do

  • Make your code interactive
  • Build your first Shiny App
  • Add input widgets
  • Render output tables & plots according to user input
  • Show output on demand, include download
  • Customize the App appearance

Yes, if you have been introduced to R – you do not need to know HTML nor JavaScript.

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CHF 189

  • 17/11/2020 14:00 - 17:30
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  • 2nd attendee 40 CHF discount
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