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How to think like a programmeR?

Do you wonder how a programmer approaches data? Would you like to improve your data science skills?

Let us tell you few tips which will help you code better in R!

How to think like a programmeR

1. Be curious

Experiment, be curious, check best practices, reach out to the community, do not give up until you are done, never stop learning!

2. Adopt a problem solving mindset

Try not to run away, face the challenge and see them as opportunities instead. Observe, be inventive but stay rational.

3. Have fun

Enjoy the new adventure, failing is part of the game, you should not be afraid to make mistakes. If you struggle, see it in a positive way, you are filling your competence gaps right now! Learn your limits because, if you take it too hard, you risk to get discouraged, but if it is too easy, you will get bored.

4. Break the problem down… but always keep an eye on the big picture

Cut the complexity into pieces, solve one bit at a time and finally connect them. Modularize your code into testable and reusable functionalities. Do not hesitate to draw the logical steps and to sketch the user behavior, review the requirements of each chunk in details, something might have been forgotten.

5. Expect the unexpected

Try to anticipate, but more importantly don’t be surprised if something unexpected pops up or if the requirements change. Still look from different perspectives, make sure to understand the problem, take time to review the requirements with the relevant people.

6. Follow best practices and have discipline

Be nice to the others and to yourself in the future. Review your code, give some thoughts on how to improve it, if you don’t have the time to optimize now, clean at least your formatting and add meaningful comments and TODOs.

7.Debug, test… and test again

Scan your code line by line, make it robust. Add unit tests, verify different use cases, stress your code and finally give it to someone else for test.

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