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When to create a Shiny App?

Do you want to provide interactive visualizations with useful data exploration features to business users who do not have R and data science skills? You do not have the time nor the budget to develop a website and a BI tool?

Let us tell you few good reasons why you should use Shiny!


1. Handsome interactive UI

Shiny is an R package to easily build interactive user interfaces. It offers engaging interactivity stunning graphics and captivating design to best explore your data and gain insight. Shiny helps you in closing the gap between developers and business decision makers, facilitating the understanding and communication of the meaning of your data, as well as distributing and sharing results.

2. Fast prototyping

Shiny makes it possible to create a data-driven web application in a very short amount of time and allows experimenting with the data very easily. It fits perfectly with the Agile trend and the need of quick reaction to requirement changes. Accessible, ‘ready to use’ dashboards represent good opportunities for pilot projects and good solutions to minimize risks and costs compared to more traditional approaches.

3. Clean structure

Shiny apps look great, and they do it across platforms. Using responsive web-design, based on a Bootstrap framework, Shiny apps can render nicely both on desktop and mobile devices.

4. Scalability

You will find different solutions for scaling your Shiny App to support multiple concurrent users, depending on the server and the architecture configuration. You can either host your Shiny App on your server or on the cloud, or you can choose the open source Shiny Server.

5. Source code

You can develop your Shiny App fully in R, leveraging on its open source structure, an extended set of packages and an active community. Moreover, via version control, development can easily be made collaborative.

6. Automation

A nicely packaged Shiny App under a version-control system enables Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) to automate checks and deployment processes.

7. No web development skills required

Shiny is a web application framework written in R. You only need R skills.

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