Workshop: Bring a Shiny App to Production

Safe, agile & automated deployment

Do you want to learn the best way to bring a Shiny App safely to production? And do you intend facilitating collaboration and maintaining high quality standards through (automated) testing and automated processes?

Discover how R Shiny can be used in a professional enterprise environment!

Bring a Shiny App to Production

What you will do

  • Use best development practices, such as version control, modularization, package structure and testing
  • Control dependencies with renv
  • Automate continuous integration and deployment with GitHub Actions
  • Create branches, including branch protection
  • Apply GitFlow in a collaborative setup
  • Perform a release to production

Yes, if you have a basic knowledge of R & R Shiny. You will need a GitHub account, create one if you do not have it yet.

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CHF 149

  • 31/03/2021 14 - 17 CEST
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  • 2nd attendee 40 CHF discount
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  • You need support to bring your own Shiny App to production.
  • You want to get your own team to collaborate on the same app safely.

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