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First Workshops Series 2023

Deals valid for the first workshops series 2023:

At Mirai, we are engaged to inspire people to do smarter analytics so they can get more from their data and achieve new goal.

Profit from attractive offers if you intend to participate to more than one workshop or if you are registering with a group of people.

Introduction to R learning path from the basis of the syntax to professional development

Learning path: Introduction to R

Book a set of workshops from the learning path: Introduction to R - from the basis of the syntax (free recording available), data manipulation, programming R, building a package, to productive development with version control. For solid foundations in R.

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Full Shiny path workshop offer

Learning path: Introduction to Shiny

Enroll in our Shiny workshop series: build your 1st Shiny app, make it shine with dynamic elements and robust, learn modules and testing approaches, and bring it safely to production.

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