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Workshop: Programming R

Write R functions - modularize, vectorize and debug your code

Enhance your R skills, write algorithms into R functions, apply them in your data analysis. Enlarge your capabilities with R, learn the most efficient techniques.

For robust, maintainable and readable code!

Become an R programmer and include common software development practices in your development process.

Basic experience with R is required.

Natural continuation of “Data analysis with tidyverse”.

Programming R

What will you do?

  • Write your own R functions
  • Conditional execution in base R and Tidyverse
  • Explicit looping and the apply family
  • Making the code more efficient with vectorization
  • Operate efficiently with matrices
  • Structure & modularize your code
  • Debugging and logging strategies

Workshop price: CHF159

Type of class: Online course
Recording available: yes

When: 17/05/2023 14:30 - 18 CEST
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  • 2nd attendee 10% discount
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