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First Workshops Series 2024

Discover our 2024 workshops series!

Learn best practices and good programming principles through 3.5 hours hands-on online classes.

Do you want to get more from your data and gain new Data Science skills?

Experiential, agile, dynamic and incremental training approach. Learn by doing: after a concept is explained put in practice what learned trying a short exercise or by repeating operations yourself. Build a script, save your work and acquire new skills.

Check out our 2024 offer dedicated to R and Shiny development for a team.

Relying on open source tools, the material is constantly reviewed and kept up-to-date with the latest best practices.

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Early bird (-10CHF), multiple workshops (-40CHF) and multiple attendees (-10%) discounts.
Be smart and book a learning path or a set of workshops at a discounted price!

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  • Prices are specified in CHF (Swiss Francs).
  • The start is due at 14:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2).
  • Recording is included in the prices and it will be made available to all workshop attendees on our YouTube channel.

See our "terms and conditions" for the purchase.

Please Note: in the 2024 workshop series only 4 workshops are scheduled and can be purchased from our website.

For the R path:

For the R Shiny path:

The workshops at the beginning of the path, are available on demand, for private companies, institutions or teams that would like to start the learning path from scratch. They can be organized prior to the start of the more advanced workshops.

Please follow the registration in the workshop page and get in touch to schedule a date (

Mirai Solutions Workshops
Mirai Solutions Workshops

R basics - objects, functions and operations

Enhance your data science toolkit

Get your way around R for absolute beginners. Build the basics of R programming from absolute scratch and get solid foundations for future learning.



Data analysis with tidyverse

Gaining insight from data

Become professional at the most common approach to data analysis in R. Learn how to extract, manipulate and explore your data with readable, streamlined and professional code.

CHF 159


Programming R

Start thinking like a programmeR

Learn how to write your own functions, modularize, vectorize and debug your code.

Move one step further and design your algorithms, making sure the code is written efficiently

CHF 159


Build an R package

All about building an R package

Package your R code, best practices like documentation, (unit) testing, control package dependencies.

Start a project from an R package and get rid of your scripts.

CHF 159



Becoming an R developer

Host and R package on GitHub

Share your packaged R code with your teammates on GitHub, implement CI (Continuous Integration) using GitHub Actions, develop it further in a controlled way.

CHF 159



Build your first Shiny App

Empowered data science through interactive interface

Learn how to develop from scratch an interactive web interface for your analysis in R.

At the end of the workshop, you have implemented your first Shiny App.

CHF 159


Make an Outstanding Shiny App

Shiny UI/UX for a more effective data-driven communication

Customize an R Shiny app and make it more accessible to users improving the UI and UX.

Learn how to interact with CSS and HTML, get to know new aesthetics and dynamic widgets</>

CHF 159


Advanced Shiny Development

Dig deeper into professional Shiny development

Utilize the benefits of packaging a Shiny App, make it robust and ready for sustainable growth.

Test and document your App, learn about package dependencies and how to control it.

CHF 159



Bring a Shiny App to Production

Deploy a Shiny web application like a pro

Adopt the best practices for a controlled, collaborative and automated deployment to production.

Learn how to work in a team following a GitFlow approach.

CHF 159



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