CovidR - e-Rum2020 CONTEST

2020 European R Users Meeting (eRum2020) has launched CovidR, an open-source contest and pre-conference event, for R work around the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of its go-virtual activities, eRum2020, now e-Rum2020, has presented on April 17th the CovidR initiative. It includes a contest for R contributions around the topic of COVID-19, and a pre-conference event, which will be held on May 29th, where the CovidR contest winner(s) will be announced. The winner(s) will receive e-prizes and the best overall contribution will also be invited to present at the main e-Rum2020 conference (June 17th-20th).

The winner(s) will be selected on the base of originality and technical quality of the work - i.e. interesting, innovative and exemplary applications of the R language - as well as community feedback and appreciation. You are all welcome to visit the CovidR Gallery and browse or like some of the early submissions.

A Covid19 Shiny App was used by Miraiers and e-Rum2020 co-organizers Francesca and Riccardo to explain the submission process, now available on the official e-Rum2020 YouTube Channel. The video explains how to submit a contribution via the process of a Pull Request, guides the participant through the various steps of submission and showcases the features of the gallery, for example the acceptance badge:


We are keen to see what interesting and original ideas the R Community will come up with to help understand and address the various aspects and implications of the pandemics.