Upcoming workshop: My 1st Shiny App

Learn how to empower your data through a Shiny interface at Mirai’s new workshop My 1ST Shiny App on 17th November.

Storytelling is pivoting for successful data science. Communicating the results of your analytics and having an accessible way to data exploration is crucial to engage decision makers. The best way to achieve this is through an attractive and dynamic User Interface (UI). Unfortunately rarely a data scientist is also a UI developer.

Are we at a standstill? Not at all! Thanks to shiny you can make beautiful interactive visualizations, allow business users to safely play with your data, quickly build a handy prototype and go all the way to a productive solution without knowing anything more than R.

First Shiny App

Get an introduction to the shiny world of R shiny and create your first ever shiny application with our 3.5h hands-on workshop. We will cover the concept of reactivity, explore various input and output widgets and learn how to customize the layout of a shiny app without having to really know any HTML or JavaScript. Registrations are now open.

For an overview about the benefits of working with shiny, have a look at this article and for some inspiration on the beautiful things that one can make with shiny visit our gallery.

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