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Upcoming workshop: Sparkling Shiny App

Mirai’s workshop series continues. Next in the pipeline is Sparkling Shiny App on 24th November.

In recent years, shiny has become increasingly popular in the R community. No wonder! Shiny is a master at empowering users to easily visualize and communicate their data science work. However, there is a huge difference between quickly drafting a user interface on top of your R functions, and properly building up an application that is going to serve from prototyping all the way to production. In fact, with increasing complexity and addition of features, a shiny app can easily become a little wild monster, and reactivity can quickly get out of wing.

shiny Monster

How to make sure your app remains manageable, maintainable and understandable, while retaining its simple-to-develop attitude? The key lays in structuring your app and your development correctly from the beginning, as well as using the layout that best suits your app needs. In this workshop, Mirai’s Shiny experts will guide you through the state of the art approaches to shiny development — including best practices, modern development framework, and advanced layout & app structure. Join us, and learn how to make your shiny code shine.

Mirai Shiny App

For an introduction to professional shiny development, check out our article and have a look at our gallery for some practical examples of complex shiny apps.