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Workshop 31.03.21: 'Bring a Shiny App to Production'

A 3 hours, hands-on workshop about safe, agile and automated deployment of a Shiny App.

We will be closing our second workshops series about R Shiny Development with the topic of bringing a Shiny App safely to production.

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Overview of the workshop steps: Bring a Shiny App to Production

Guided by an expert trainer, you will set-up a toy Shiny App as a package using the golem framework and bring it all the way to production, applying best practices and modern DevOps. You will learn how to ensure reproducibility and ease collaboration by controlling the dependencies at project level with renv. By applying GitFlow with git and GitHub you will establish a safe and controlled collaborative development, while tracking changes under version control and enable an agile approach.
Finally, you will learn how to set-up an automated workflow for a CI / CD pipeline with GitHub Actions having as productive target

Mirai’s Team is looking forward to meet you virtually at the workshop. To join us, enroll here.

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