Learn to 'Make a Shiny App sparkle' with us

Find out how to customize a shiny app and make it more accessible to users with our workshop on 17/11.

With shiny you can add an interactive web interface to your R work, enabling also users without a technical background to profit from your analysis and make data-driven decisions. Despite being a very powerful tool, a basic usage of shiny may not deliver its full potential. Thanks to many new packages ever expanding the shiny universe, and to a clever organization of the UI, however, it is possible to make the content of your app more user friendly and therefore more effective.

In our 3-hours hands-on workshop on Wednesday November 17th at 2 pm CET we will explore how to ‘Make a Shiny App sparkle’ by playing with aesthetics, HTML and CSS customization, experimenting with other shiny-related packages, and having a look at different UI structures, layouts and ways to organize the content.

Make a Shiny App sparkle workshop

This workshop is a natural continuation of the ‘Build your first Shiny App’ workshop, and it is part of the “Shiny” learning path. However, it can also be attended as a stand alone workshop. Only minimal knowledge of shiny is expected, whereas no HTML or JavaScript skills are required.

Register at this link before 10/11 to benefit from the early bird discount.