'Data analysis with tidyverse' workshop

Become professional at data manipulation and analysis with tidyverse in R on May 10th!

Learn how to extract, manipulate and explore your data with readable, streamlined and professional code using best-practices from the tidyverse R universe, such as those included in the dplyr and tidyrpackages. The workshop “Data analysis with tidyverse” is designed to guide you through a simple hands-on data manipulation and analysis while giving you an overview of the tidyverse framework for exploring data, manipulate it and extract meaningful information from it. A first insight into ggplot2 graphs will be provided as well. You will put in practice what taught doing many shorts exercises during the workshop.

Minimal knowledge of base R can be beneficial for the attendance, although this workshop can be suitable also for total beginners.

An online hands-on workshop to learn R by programming R.

Data analysis with tidyverse workshop

On Wednesday May 10th, at 2:30 p.m. CEST, in this 3.5-hours online hands-on workshop our industry experts, who do use R and tidyverse in a professional way on a daily basis, will guide you through the best techniques for gaining insight from your data and enable decision-making.

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Introduction to R

Learning path: Introduction to R

This workshop is part of a Learning Path of four Wednesday afternoons for a full introduction to R.

It is a natural successor of the 1st introductory R workshop: R basics - objects, functions and operations, available for free on our YouTube channel.

It also provides an helpful background for the following chapter: Programming R (scheduled for May 17th).

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