Workshop: R basics - objects, functions and operations

Build solid foundations for your R learning

Are you looking for an effective and professional introduction to R?

Learn from industry experts how to efficiently use R and the wide range of its possibilities!

Explore the full potential of the R language by building yourself a good understanding of objects, common functions and basic operations.

Start the R learning path with a first recorded workshop available for free online.

No previous experience with R required. Knowledge of any other programming language is a plus.

Natural precursor of “Data analysis with tidyverse”.

R basics - objects, functions and operations

What will you do?

  • Introduction to R and RStudio
  • How to get help?
  • Use built in functions for basic operations
  • Data Objects - classes: vectors, matrices, lists & data.frames
  • Install Packages
  • Import/Export & read data in R
  • Apply family
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