R Expertise

R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R has experienced wide adoption in industry in recent years and is ranked prominently in the TIOBE index for programming language popularity.

R has overtaken other statistical computing languages, and nowadays, without exaggeration, can be considered data scientists’ top choice together with Python. Three aspects often mentioned in this context are the free open-source nature of R, the large community of active contributors and the resulting availability of packages on the CRAN repository, Bioconductor and GitHub, and last but not least the conceptual design choice of making R a language that interfaces very well with other languages, services and systems.

At Mirai, we have lots of experience in building and deploying customized R-based analytic applications, services and collaborative environments in constrained enterprise IT landscapes. You can download an overview of our R projects in insurance and finance by clicking on the image below.

R projects in insurance and finance

In combination with the popular framework Shiny, visualization and reporting libraries such as plotly, leaflet and rmarkdown, as well as our commitment to developing state-of-the-art reactive solutions, we have the know-how and the toolkit to build rich interactive end-to-end applications — allowing you to communicate key data and business insights effectively among relevant stakeholders in your organization.