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Workshop: Data analysis with tidyverse

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Readable data analysis for everyone

Data analysis has never been so simple in R! Be tidy!

Become professional at writing readable efficient code using "tidyverse" framework, the new tidy standard for data analysis and manipulation, that made programming, easy, robust and error free.

Understand how to subset, modify, join, and summarize your dataset. Learn the best manipulation techniques to gaining insight from your data and enable decision-making.

Yes, to upgrade to the R standards for data manipulation, and build basis for data analysis.

Prerequisites: minimal experience with R is beneficial, “R basics - objects, functions and operations” can give you the ideal starting point for this workshop.

Data analysis with tidyverse

What will you do?

You will learn and practice the “tidyverse” universe and syntax, a new tidy way to do data manipulation and analysis that has become the R standard.

  • Introduction to the tidyverse framework
  • The pipe operator %>%
  • dplyr common functions: mutate, filter, summarize and more
  • Analyze grouped data
  • Convenience functions n, slice_*, distinct and more
  • Joining, pivoting and unpivoting data
  • tidyr for condition based rules

The workshop can be organized on demand prior to other workshops of the same path.
The base price is 159 CHF, discounts for groups and multiple workshops will be applied.

Get in touch to schedule a date or to find out if a date has been already set.
When/if a public date is chosen, it will be published on this page.

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