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Workshop: Build an R package

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Build your first R package, document and test it

Professionalize the way you work with R and pave your way towards a production-ready code.

Follow the best standards, and build an R package properly using the development toolkit provided by the R ecosystem, learn how to document it, face the importance of having robust testing in a package and tackle tricky problems like package dependencies.

Make the transition away from R scripting and package your code to obtain a robust product.

Yes, if you know how to program in R and you would like to package your work.

Prerequisites: experience with R is required, although none with building packages. This workshop is the natural continuation of “Programming R”, and it is a must for attending “Becoming an R developer”.

Build an R package

What will you do?

You will build your 1st R package along the way (or you will learn how to build it properly) and learn the benefits of packaging your code over working with scripts. You will never look back.

  • Build an R package locally in RStudio
  • Explore tools like devtools and usethis
  • Document it with roxygen tags
  • Write unit tests and check package consistency
  • Control package dependencies with renv

Workshop price: CHF159

Type of class: Online course
Recording available: yes

When: 23/04/2024 14:30 - 18 CEST
Register by the 21/04/2024

  • 2nd attendee 10% discount
  • Book this as part of a learning path, and get the "multiple workshop discount"!
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The start is due at 14:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time, UTC+2).
The workshop will be recorded, Recording is included in the price, and it will be available on our YouTube Channel (as private video, the access requires an email address with a Google account) the day after.
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