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Workshop: R basics - objects, functions and operations

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Build solid foundations for your R learning

Are you looking for an effective and professional introduction to R?

Learn from industry experts how to efficiently use R and the wide range of its possibilities!

Explore the full potential of the R language by building yourself a good understanding of objects, common functions and basic operations.

Start the R learning path with a first recorded workshop available for free online.

Yes, to get started with R from point 0.
Prerequisites: no previous experience with R required. Knowledge of any other programming language is a plus.

Natural precursor of “Data analysis with tidyverse”.

R basics - objects, functions and operations

What will you do?

You will start from scratch and you will be introduced to the basics of the R language, doing exercises along the way for each chapter.

  • Introduction to R and RStudio
  • How to get help?
  • Use built in functions for basic operations
  • Data Objects - classes: vectors, matrices, lists & data.frames
  • Install Packages
  • Import/Export & read data in R
  • Apply family (math operations on data structures)

Workshop recordings are available as private videos on our YouTube channel.

You can register for free to get access to the videos and to receive the workshop materials.

Access to YouTube private videos requires a Google Account.

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