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Learning Path: Introduction to R

Enhance your data science toolkit with our “Introduction to R” learning path: from the basis of the syntax, to building and hosting an R package on GitHub.

R is among the most popular programming, scripting, and markup languages. Written by statisticians for statisticians, it is an incredible tool for data exploration, data manipulation, visualization and analysis. If you would like to build better foundations for your R programming skills, this workshop series is what you were looking for.

Five workshops, 1st free online, then Four consecutive Wednesdays, from 2:30 PM to 6 PM (CEST), a 3.5-hours hands on experience.

Learn with industry experts with more than ten years experience using R professionally how to efficiently use R and the wide range of its possibilities.

With this series we aim at giving you an overview of programming in R, providing you with practical examples of effective usage of the R language, describing best development practices and most common data analysis and technical tools.

All the workshops are structured with an experiential, agile, dynamic and incremental training approach, where an exercise break is planned at the end of each chapter.

Introduction to R

Learning path: Introduction to R

From the basis of the R syntax, to professional development, for solid programming foundations in R.

Each workshop can be taken stand-alone but there are convenient deals for following the whole or a part of the learning path.

Register now directly on our website.

  • Early bird discount (-15 CHF).
  • Register more attendees and get an additional discount (-10%).
  • Register for two or more workshops in the path for an additional discount (-40 CHF).
  • Access to workshop recording is included in the registration price

Otherwise contact us if you would like to have a custom workshop tailored to your needs.

Please note, the dates have been updated and shifted forward by a week, compared with what announced on 31.03 news post.