Solution Engineering & Architecture

We are reactive

At Mirai we build customized and fully integrated end-to-end solutions covering all layers — from data acquisition to user interaction.

Users expect rich and highly responsive applications in a world where data volumes continuously grow and the service landscape becomes more and more distributed. This poses additional challenges to software applications with respect to scalability and their ability to deal with failure to ensure business continuity.

Our IT architects are the right partners for migrating legacy systems to more modern technologies, accelerating the transformation towards a true data-driven organization. They can help you to ensure and secure the delivery of the right data and insights, at the right time, in the right format to the right consumers.

We have built state-of-the-art reactive solutions based on the world’s leading reactive application development platform (Play, Akka, Scala, Spark). It provides a resilient and event-driven foundation that can be scaled effortlessly to multi-core and cloud computing architectures.

With the rise of regulations the demands for transparency and auditability have further increased, but also the demand for analytic insight and computational resources has multiplied. Our containerized solutions have increased significantly the capacity for running analytics, while at the same time ensuring numerical reproducibility across environments and over time.

Containerize at Mirai Solutions with Kubernetes and Docker