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Agile & DevOps Services

At Mirai we are committed to delivering high quality software for our clients. With our DevOps culture, we bridge the gap between development and operations.

We know what it means to work in challenging corporate IT environments and to meet regulatory demands. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced engineers and consultants covers the whole software development lifecycle: from requirements engineering, design & architecture, to development, testing, maintenance and support.

By embracing Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) workflows, we boost you to go the extra mile and automate builds, tests and deployments. The adoption of these best practices can guarantee quality and production-readiness throughout the process, ultimately decreasing time-to-market. An agile mindset advocates for the transition to this as the core of modern way of doing DevOps. Indeed, CI/CD accelerates the feedback cycle and the loop of continuous improvement.

In addition to licensed products, our solution engineers are experts in enabling resource-efficient and reliable workflows with the use of open source tools for CI/CD, such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes. Re-discover the journey to CRAN of our R package rTRNG, which relies on a Docker-based solution in a CI workflow on GitHub Actions.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment at Mirai Solutions

Because no one can really afford correcting errors retroactively, encourage your team to apply CI/CD principles to frequent incremental updates in a collaborative way, controlling the risks associated to new development. Quality is a team effort, read more about the benefits of CI/CD and explore our techguides on the topic.